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It is said that in Valls we like to look at the sky to admire castells (the human towers), eat calçots (a sort of onions), drink from the jug or to show the highest bell tower in Catalonia. But beyond clichés, Valls is a city to discover in many other ways. From the Office of Tourism you are offered many itineraries to enjoy the city and to learn about our history and our traditions.
For more than eight centuries, the old quarter of Valls welcomes, every Wednesday, the fruits and vegetables market. Pere el Catòlic granted to the city a privilege that we have kept until nowadays, with a wide range of local products. The route 800 years of squares and markets is the best suggestion to get to know the commercial history of Valls, covering all the main arteries of the city.
The commercial activity of Valls was one of the main reasons that led to the arrival of a large Jewish community. The first documented reference dates from 1277 and until the expulsion of the unconverted Jews in 1492 the community settled in different streets of the old city, which still retains the original structure of the appeal. You can get to know the whole history with the route Call Jueu de Valls.
A total of 2,538 tiles, probably a work of Llorens Passoles, recreate the battle of Lepanto, which was lived on the Mediterranean coast –in front of the present coast of Greece- on the 7th of October in 1571. The monumental is inside the Capella del Roser, which was built in the 14th century and dedicated to Santa Anna. If you want to visit all the tiles that are joined in three panels of extraordinary beauty, you cannot miss the route from the heart of the city.
The Plaça del Blat is the zero kilometer of the castells world (the human towers). Here, the Xiquets of Valls have built, for more than two centuries, their best towers. But did you know that there was an anti-aircraft shelter in the basement that was built with the help of hundreds of residents during the Spanish Civil War? Nowadays you can visit these galleries and put youself in the neighbours’ shoes who wrote this page of contemporary history through the routes in underground hidden spaces.
And from earth to heaven! When one is to discover the city of Valls, one can also do it by going up more than three hundred echelons that separate the Church street from the top of the the bell tower of Sant Joan. This is the highest bell tower in the country, with 74 meters high, and despite climbing up is an effort, there is a reward: it is to observe with an almost bird-like perspective of the Camp de Tarragona. You can find the route with the highest bell tower in Catalonia.

If you are keen on heights, you can always travel through the history of the Xiquets of Valls (Children of Valls). Strength, balance, courage and common sense are the common denominators of a passion that is lived with great devotion in Valls, the cradle of this tradition that still exists. The itinerary Valls km0 del món casteller (Valls, the km0 of the human towers’ world) will show you several symbols, but also the temples of the two colles (teams) of the Xiquets de Valls: the Vella and the Joves.
In addition, in the city, one can also learn about the work of Oller. The father of the contemporary Catalan novel was born in Valls and it was in this city Vilaniu was set, a novel that talks about our traditions and our character. Discover the town that gave birth to Oller’s work.
Valls also homes the contemporary roots of Modernist architecture. The existing Modernist properties were designed by Cesar Martinell, a Gaudí’s disciple, the author of many other wine cathedrals. He was born in the city, where he worked as a municipal architect. Thanks to the Cesar Martinell’s route, one can discover all the details of this unique creator.
From November to December, coinciding with the seasonal oil harvest in Valls, enjoy a sensory experience where yellow is the main star. The yellow of the day as it fades out with breathtaking views from the bell tower of Sant Joan, followed by the local cooperative where you can enjoy an oil tasting, and, besides, it can also be continued with an oil massage and a dinner where oil will be protagonist once again.
To complete the discovery of the city of Valls, we strongly recommend the route the Stories and Legends of Valls, in which you will discover, through amazing legends, unique locations such as the Plaça del Pati or the church of Sant Joan.


The Municipal Tourist Information Office has launched in 2019 the new route "Discover Valls", that offers the possibility of a guided tour to get to know the main tourist assets of the city with a single visit of one hour. In this way, the visitors will be able to know in a same route the Spanish Civil War’s Refuge, the bell tower of Sant Joan, the Jewish quarter, the square of the Oil and the Rosary’s Chapel.


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